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Books, Merchandise and DVD's by Julie Silber:
Julie Silber is author or major contributor to four titles now OUT OF PRINT. NEW copies are available exclusively through The Quilt Complex. All are RARE, and available in limited numbers. They can be SIGNED upon request.

Books, Catalogues and DVD's by Julie Silber

Hearts and Hands: Women, Quilts, and American Society
Elaine Hedges, Pat Ferrero, and Julie Silber
Universally praised and recommended by quilt experts and scholars. 19th Century American life, as it was experienced and recorded by women, comes alive in these photograph-laden pages.

American Quilts: A Handmade Legacy
Julie Silber, Pat Ferrero, Linda Reuther
This is the catalogue for the celebrated exhibition of the same name at the Oakland Museum in 1981. Very rare - and in extremely limited quantities.

Amish Quilts of Lancaster County
Julie Silber and Eve Granick
Published for the exhibition, “AMISH: The Art of the Quilt,” the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco in 1990.

The Esprit Quilt Collection
Julie Silber
A catalogue of Esprit's company art collection, written by Julie and published by
Esprit de Corp., San Francisco, 1985.

AMISH: The Art of the Quilt, Engagement Calendar
Julie Silber
An unused spiral bound engagement calendar published for the 1990 exhibition, "AMISH: The Art of the Quilt” presented at The Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco (DeYoung)

Quilts in Women's Lives ~ DVD
Pat Ferrero
A Classic ! First person portraits of seven exceptional quilt makers. This heart warming film provides insights into the inspirations for the women’s work and reveals their passion for an art form, reflecting their values and philosophy of life.

Hearts and Hands ~ DVD
Pat Ferrero
Hearts & Hands dramatically presents a vital part of American history only now beginning to be told – the role played by women and their quilts in the 19th century’s great movements and events.